The Good Things That Happened to Me in 2020

So everyone summed up 2020 as a difficult and challenging year and even said really bad words about it. So despite the hardships and upheavals, we went through on a personal, family, national and international level, I now choose to see some of the good things that happened to me in 2020.

In the first lockdown, I suddenly had time. The truth is I have never in my life had any free time before. Added to that was the time freed up by the fact that I was spared hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of wasting time in traffic jams. I suddenly discovered that there is more quality time with the immediate family.

I suddenly realized that there is an opportunity here to create new things. I initiated the “Economic for All” TV program that aired on Orly and Guy’s Facebook page. The idea was to teach people in an accessible and easy way economic concepts, from the fields of macroeconomics – what is the country budget, economic growth, and from the fields of personal finance – budget management, what you need to know about loans and more.

The program evolved into new topics that were unfamiliar to me in economics for example economic violence, and topics that I knew the basics but thanks to the program I studied in-depth like a credit rating.

New topics came up from people’s inquiries about my program on social media, and I got to meet new and fascinating people I found when I was looking for interviewees for the program. I spoke endlessly the language of economics, which is a language I want to teach everyone, and the truth is that like any language, the more one practices it the more the mastery of the language is enhanced.

While doing these programs I decided to invest in a new and professional website to realize the vision of making the economy accessible. The site includes a lot of free content to access economic content, as well as paid lectures that I filmed with a professional photographer.

As an economics lecturer during the Corona crisis, I realized I had to take care of my students some of whom were stuck in closures in apartments in the city all alone, suffering from complete loneliness without being able to meet friends or visit family in the sand. I had a lot of conversations with students and it was also a great happiness for me to be of help at a difficult time.

After three months we were back in full publishing work and it was a great happiness to get the team back in full activity and continue to publish great books that make so many people happy.

In October I started a new academic year, with the largest class that was in my program. 70 students came from abroad for their first year in the Department of Economics at the International School at the Interdisciplinary Center for Learning to Zoom. I also solved this disadvantage in a lot of meetings in small groups. In fact, I now have a better acquaintance with the class relative to a regular semester.

So how was the year 2020? Although we too have experienced what everyone else has experienced, I am grateful for the opportunity to evolve in new ways she has opened up to me.

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