Overlapping Generations in the BA in Economics at Reichman University

Following my meeting with a new cohort of students...

Few days ago I met the new class of undergraduates, the biggest so far (over 70 Students) in the #businessadministration and #economics double major degree at the IDC Herzliya – RRIS at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).

🚀At the end of my presentation which focused on what is Economics and tips on how to understand the structure of the degree, I explained to the new students that one of the best things of their degree is not only courses and grades, but their fellow students not only in their year but also in previous years, from whom they will learn a lot and collaborate in the future, and proudly I present this picture of the graduating class, in which not all class members could participate since they were stuck in their home countries due to Covid-19.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦I explained to my new students that we are a program but also a community that help each other.

🥇I am very proud both of the graduating class and of our current students and alums. If you want to see how well our graduates are doing just click on their names that I tagged below!!

And to my dear graduates please write in the comment a welcome note or a Tip for the new students in our program!!! I wish you all a great success in your career!!

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