End of the Degree During the Pandemic June 2021

Celebrating the End of the Degree, During Pandemic, June 2021

🎉So wonderful to celebrate with my students the end of their degree in Business Administration and Economics at Reichman University. It has been amazing 3 years.

👩‍🎓As the head of admission committee to the program in #businessadministration and #economics at IDC Herzliya I read their personal statements when they applied to this program.

👩‍🏫As their teacher I learned to know them while they were introduced for the very first time to the profession of Economics as I taught them principles of micro and principles of macro.

👩‍💼As their head of the program I helped them solved issues through their degree, and as their policy paper thesis advisor I was fortunate to see the results of all their efforts, how from high school and army grads that I saw for the first time 4 years ago when I read their applications, they became professional talented economists.

😷This all happened even though we have had a world crisis and war in Israel in during this time.

✌️The biggest joy in this evening was when I talked with each and every one of my students and learned that they are either employed or considering offers, and some are going to graduate degree. I was so proud that at time like this, when only few months ago we had double digits unemployment my students have succeeded to keep up and be active in the labor market. I am so proud that the labor market understands their unique quality and I am sure that we will hear about all of them in the future.

📱I am also super proud at our alumni, who I heard that helped many of my students land their current job. We have a true collaboration in this program who brings such talented people together and the collaboration continues years after the degree has ended.

So proud of you all and wish you the very best because it is what you deserve!

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