Dr. Nadine Baudot Trajhtenberg, Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel talk with my student

How can the Central Bank Respond to a Global Pandemic?
This is how we work with our Economics students at Reichman University

In our Applied Economics course, we were honored to host a distinguished guest speaker: Dr. Baudot-Trajtenberg Nadine who is the former deputy governor of the Bank of Israel, and today she is a faculty member of the Tiomkin School of Economics at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).

Dr. Baudot-Trajtenberg gave a superb presentation of the workings and policy led by the Bank of Israel before and after Covid-19 pandemic and have opened a window to our students to understand how a central bank works, not from the textbook but from real life.

The students were so Impressed and interested that they all came to thank her for her talk, and we took this lovely picture! Thank you so much Dr. Baudot-Trajtenberg Nadine for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with our students!

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