Applied Economic course 27.10.2021

How Can Economic Policy Reduce Poverty?
This is how we work with our Economics students at Reichman University

Yesterday I posted here about the 4 students Adi Zetouni Noam Zetouni Gabrielle Penn Yael Rebish who met with me in zoom to prepare for their presentation….

Well today they gave a FANTASTIC presentation in which they explained to the class in great detail about the multidimensional aspects of poverty and how the government can help.

They discussed policies to encourage education, to reduce the cost of health, to encourage employment, to improve accessibility to various services. They have studied extensively the report of the Alaluf committee to fight poverty, and they have researched outside sources to support their analysis of the proposed policies. All in all the gave a stellar presentation which also prepared the class for our distinguished guest speaker, Prof. Joseph Zeira, who was a member of the Alaluf committee and an expert in macroeconomics, economic growth, and income inequality.

Prof. Zeira gave the most fascinating story of the Israeli economy in numbers, and explained to the class how the reduction of public expenditures have led to increased poverty in Israel. Prof. Zeira published a book about the Israeli economy recently, and we were fortunate to receive wonderful insights from his new book.

Prof. Zeira story of the Israeli economy in numbers, steered the students interest and they asked him many questions. I thank prof. Zeira for sharing his vast knowledge with my students!!

It is wonderful to see our student become young professionals in front of our eyes.

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